Pintail Productions specializes in:

Videos for Companies, Nonprofits, Associations, and Organizations

Say you’re a company launching a new product, a nonprofit starting a major fundraising campaign, an association announcing its annual conference, or an organization rolling out a new program. Whatever your media need, Pintail Productions has got you covered.

Documentary Film Consulting

Documentary filmmakers don’t just make documentaries. They have to fund their project, market and distribute it, do community outreach, and much more. These major tasks take just as long or longer to do than creating the film itself. No matter where you are in the life cycle of your documentary project, Pintail Productions can provide a la carte or soup-to-nuts consulting services.

Biographical Videos and Family Documentaries

Pintail Productions specializes in high-end videos starring…You! Or your family. Or someone you admire. Or your travels. Using your photos and video footage, we produce movies about your life’s most important moments. What’s more, we can develop your project a number of genres, complete with advanced motion graphics and custom soundtrack.

Contact us today to bat some ideas around. We’ll get back to you lickety split!

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